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    Fix “Cannot Complete Your Request” error on NetScaler while using Custom portal theme on AAA server

    Fix “Cannot Complete Your Request” error on NetScaler while using Custom portal theme on AAA server You will often get the window “Cannot Complete Your Request” on NetScaler login page but once clicking OK it will lead to login page and works normally. It is a default bug with NetCaler core if you are using AAA authentication method with custom portal theme. It happens with both AAA as well Virtual Gateway server. In browser if you debug using web developer tool you can see the error “HTTP/1.1 412 Precondition Failed”. If this is the case then here is the fix ... Read More >>

    Installing HTML5 Web Client for MS Remote Desktop Services 2019

    The RD Web Client is an add-on for the Remote Desktop Web Access role that has been shipped with Windows Server 2019. The Web Client Version was introduced with RDS 2016 as a beta version then of course a production version. Now, with RDS 2019 it is been shipped with the initial package itself. Unlike RDS 2016 you don’t need to do any KB4 windows updates for RDS 2019. Just go ahead, check the below prerequisites and continue your installation using powershell.Prerequisites You already have RD Deployment that has an …


    Customizing Citrix NetScaler Gateway interface using NetScaler Portal themes

    This simple guide explains you how to customize the NetScaler login and portal page interfaces using default NetScaler portal themes. However this is not about full customization or branding where it can help you do some simple interface changes. Of course very limited but sufficient in few cases when your requirement is very simple like changing logo and background. If you need to add a custom text or custom links say on footer, it is not simply possible. To do theme you need to either write your custom code on the theme files or just go with full-fledged branding ... Read More >>

    Eliminating the need of typing /RDWeb for accessing RD Web Access website

    Remote Desktop Web Access sites are configured with a virtual directory called ‘RDWeb’ by default therefore we need to type the URL like every time to access RD Web login page. If you like to eliminate this need for your users and just want to land in the page by typing domain (ex: then these are simple redirection steps can be done with your IIS. Login to your RD Web Access server. Launch the IIS. Click the Default Website and see the HTTP Redirect option at the middle. Double Click on the HTTP Redirect. Select the option ... Read More >>

    How to Customize Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2016 portal?

    Windows RD Web Access portal is a component that comes with Windows Remote Desktop Services. It is a web portal that most companies/services offer to their users for accessing their Remote Desktops and Remote Apps. If you are already using RDS then you might know about RD Web Access websites already. The RD Web Access portal consists of a login page and after login portal which comes with default plain interface. Most users want to customize these pages to match their corporate or web identity. Basically it is called Branding or Customizing full Interface. This guide doesn’t talk about ... Read More >>

    Customizing HELP Page on the RD Web Access Login Page

    This simple guide helps you to customize your help page on the RD Web login page. You can also remove the help menu itself if you don’t need it; the steps have been given below. OK, let’s login to your windows server where your RD Web Access portal is installed. Open IIS. Go to Default Website >> RDWeb >> Pages Locate Application Settings from middle panel. Double click on it. Now locate the attribute called LocalHelp and set that to True. Now in your file explorer go to “%windir%WebRDWebPagesen-US” mostly it is “C:WindowsWebRDWebPagesen-US”. Locate the file called rap-help.html and edit ... Read More >>

    HTML5 Web Client for Microsoft Remote Desktop services 2016 – Steps to Install RD Web Client

    Finally the long awaiting client less browser based access for MS RD Web Access has been released. It is still a pre-release version and yet to released commercially. Although it is beta it is time to install and test now. MS Remote Desktop Services offer the web based portal called RD Web Access from the beginning. Although the portal provides access by the web browser you still have to connect your desktops/apps by using the desktop client called MSTSC. The many of the remote access tools have already started with their HTML5 web access clients hence it is been a long waiting for RDS users to see the HTML5 client from Microsoft. Finally it is done and it looks awesome.


    How to disable Automatic Windows Update on Windows 2016 server using SCONFIG

    You must be wondering to see there is no option in the control panel list to change the Automatic Update settings under the Windows 2016 Server. Hopefully, Microsoft purposely made it to keep the regular windows update to ensure the security and reliability. It is highly recommended to keep the automatic settings. Although in few cases you may want to disable it. If your problem is only the automatic restart then you could try to adjust the settings through business hours and still allow going for automatic update. Or else you can just disable the \"Reboot\" task in the \"UpdateOrchestrator\" ... Read More >>

    Enhancing Custom Announcements module by presenting in different ways

    The most customers like to adapt our Announcements module in their Custom Branded Interface either it is Citrix StoreFront or Remote Desktop Web Access or Parallels RAS or Others. The reason is it is just not a fancy thing where it is a pure utility for your users. The admin can post enough updates using this module hence it helps you to communicate effectively with your users/staffs. Announcements in other term it is called as Company news or Alerts is just not a utility to post the messages where you can use it in different ways. For example you ... Read More >>

    Responder Policy – Customizing NetScaler logon page specific to URLs using Responder Policy

    The scenario is probably you are hosting multiple Virtual Gateway servers (VPN) in a single NetScaler appliance for your customers. And you want to provide different User Interface to each customer with their own branding. For example you want to place their own logos or copyright info or anything specific to each customer. Though NetScaler allows to host multiple Virtual Gateways and configure different URLs it doesn\'t allow you to place different themes to each VPN gateways by default. You can only do this using the responder policy. In other terms you are redirecting the customers to specific VPN ... Read More >>

    Useful custom features that can be added with your Custom Web Interfaces

    These are some useful features you can keep in mind when you brand your Citrix Storefront or Citrix Web interface or RD Web Access interface. There are so many features you can think based on your organization needs however these are 10 generic and useful features you can think of. Dart Innovations can help you add these value added features and enhance your user experience with your custom branded interfaces. Announcements: The announcements module can be implemented in both log-in and after log-in pages. Our custom IAdmin module gives you ability to post your announcements with an easy to use interface. ... Read More >>