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Eliminating the need of typing /RDWeb for accessing RD Web Access website

Remote Desktop Web Access sites are configured with a virtual directory called ‘RDWeb’ by default therefore we need to type the URL like every time to access RD Web login page. If you like to eliminate this need for your users and just want to land in the page by typing domain (ex: then these are simple redirection steps can be done with your IIS.

  1. Login to your RD Web Access server.
  2. Launch the IIS.
  3. Click the Default Website and see the HTTP Redirect option at the middle.
  1. Double Click on the HTTP Redirect.
  2. Select the option ‘Redirect requests to this destination’.
  3. Type ‘/RDWeb’ in the text box.
  1. Click Apply then restart your IIS to take the changes effect.

Now open your URL and test your update by typing URL without ‘RDWeb’. You can see the URL automatically lands into RDWeb login page.

That’s it.

Note: In case if it is not reflecting in your browser then that may be a browser cache issue. So just clear your browser cache and test again.

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