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Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web Customization and Branding

Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise app store that improves security and simplifies deployments, delivering a modern, unmatched near-native user experience across Citrix Receiver on any platform. StoreFront makes it easy to manage multi-site and multi-version Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) environments. StoreFront Receiver Web interface is just a replacement of XenApp Web Interface which keeps on upgrading with lot new features. The most important feature of StoreFront Receiver Web is HTML5 support which makes the users to experience the Remote Apps/Desktops without any clients/plug-ins installed on the client system. Basically a browser based zero client utility for the most popular browsers that support HTML5 technology.

Dart Innovations can offer full-fledged branding over the Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web Interface. Although StoreFront management console provides some basic customization it is not easier to match your web identity where Dart Innovations come in to help you. We can just not work with colors or logo where we can totally rearrange and redesign the each interface elements based on your preference. We can help you all the way to make it personalized with your company’s brand elements. Our Custom Branding applies to Login, After Login Pages, Favorites, Categories, Featured App Groups gallery and everything with the StoreFront Receiver Web Interface. And our advanced customization solution can help you bring in some useful features such as announcements, links, OWA integration, Twitter integration and more which are listed below.

Custom Citrix StroreFront 2203 login page
Custom Citrix StroreFront 2203 After login page

We can do our branding as well as our custom features on all Citrix Web Interfaces that starts from Citrix Web Interface 4.0, till the latest Web interfaces. All our Custom Citrix Interfaces are responsive to all browser/device screens.

The list below is some of our custom features you can think of accommodating with your custom branded StoreFront Receiver Web Interface


This feature lets you post all your important messages, news and announcements on both login and after login pages of your Custom StoreFront interface. You can manage these short messages from the IAdmin back end using options like post, edit, delete, activate and deactivate. It is possible that you can post announcements on AD group based or OU based.

Web Links

This utility allows you to present your important links, resources on both login and after login pages. The IAdmin interface allows you to post, edit, delete, activate and deactivate the links. This can be called as company links, web links, bookmarks or useful resources. This can be managed on group or OU based.

Forgot Password for users

This option is placed on the Custom Citrix StoreFront login page which helps user to reset password and recover their password by self when they have forgot their original password. It works in the similar fashion of how most Forgot Password reset flow works in web.

Forgot Username

Similar to Forgot Password this option helps to recover the username itself for users who forgot their username of Citrix StoreFront /Active directory. This can be validated against their AD email address or phone number. User receives their username in email on completion of successful validation.

Password Reset – Admin

This is an IAdmin back end module which allows administrator to reset a user password and send the new password via email. The module clearly validates against your AD password policy and allows you reset the password of a user in a single step. The feature saves lot time by avoiding the need of logging into Active Directory system.

Create Active Directory users – Admin

This is an IAdmin module that lets your administrators to create your active directory users from the web interface itself. You can create users with all user information such as company, email, title, phone and others. You can assign them to specific OU and groups as well. Once created user will be receiving an email with username and randomly generated password.

Social widgets integration

You can integrate your Twitter feed or Facebook widget into your Citrix StoreFront pages. The widget settings can be managed via IAdmin back end.

RSS widget

The tiny widget allows you to show a RSS news feed on your Custom StoreFront login page and/or after login page. The RSS feed URL can be simply managed from the IAdmin back end module.

Active Directory information

An information utility that displays the logged in user information pulled from Active Directory. Last logged in time, Email id, Phone, Title, Department and Company are some useful information to display on the page. you can also display any other user information from Active Directory.

OWA Integration

This enables single sign on facility to login to OWA (Email) from your Citrix StoreFront web interface. User doesn’t need to sign in again at OWA login when they are already signed in at Citrix StoreFront receiver web interface. We can also integrate SSO for any other email system.


Administrators can upload the documents on AD group based which will be available to users for download or read. It can be PDF, MS Word, text files or anything else. Admin can Add, Edit, Delete and Sort the documents order at any time. This useful feature lets you share your documents like training materials, user guides, reports, company handbooks or other manuals among your users in a group based manner.


The feature allows you to provide dowloadable tools inside the Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web interface. That may be corporate tools, utilities, software patches or desktop clients. You can upload any format of applications, executable files, compressed zip files or any other formats from the IAdmin module and distribute them to your uses in a group based manner.

Videos Module

You can place number of videos into the Citrix StoreFront interface and show them on AD user/group based. It is very useful when you want to place your training videos or other information videos to your staffs/users. You can integrate youtube, video or other video streaming platforms and all of them can be managed from the IAdmin back end using the options such as Add, Edit, Delete and Sort.

IAdmin (Interface Admin Management Module)

IAdmin is a free module ships with your custom interface package which runs as a separate website. It helps you to manage all your custom features. Example, you can add, edit, delete and sort your announcements or web links using this module. The features like Password Reset By Admin, Create AD Users are IAdmin specific modules. You can also manage email template that is sent during the password reset or user creation from the IAdmin module. We can also add any additional CMS modules such as Manage logos, Manage Promo Banners, or Manage Branding Elements (that let’s you manage your custom logo, background image) or anything you need upon your specific request. The IAdmin has an option called Web Encrypt/Decrypt which provides additional security by allowing you to encrypt your SQL/LDAP connection strings in your web config file.

As a company that works from Citrix Web Interface 4.0 (Meta Frame Versions) we have deep understanding over the Citrix Frame works hence we bet to provide any type of solutions over Citrix’s Web Interface products.

We can also offer a full CMS that can enable you to do multi-branding on OU based if you are a company offering your hosted solution for multiple clients. Using this full featured CMS you can do special branding specific to each of your clients using some simple clicks.

Citrix StoreFront 1909

Citrix StoreFront 1906

Citrix StoreFront 1903

Citrix StoreFront 1912

Citrix StoreFront 3.16

Citrix StoreFront 3.15

Citrix StoreFront 3.12

Citrix StoreFront 3.11

Citrix StoreFront 3.6

Citrix StoreFront 3.5

Citrix StoreFront 3.0

Citrix StoreFront 2.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Custom Citrix StoreFront Interfaces are responsive by default? What is responsive layout here?

Yes, our custom Citrix StoreFront websites are responsive by default. However it is optional for customers if they are really not concerning the responsive look on devices. As Citrix StoreFront delivers ‘anywhere -any device’ access, we put attention over the look and user experience with our Custom Citrix StoreFront receiver web interfaces. Your mobile/tablet users will get better user experience with our custom interface than the default StoreFront interface.

Does your custom interface work on Windows Receiver Client too?

Yes, our Customized Interface will be applied on your Desktop based Windows Receiver Client too.

How long a Citrix StoreFront customization takes?

1 week in general. 2 days for design and 3 days of development is actually what we require. However it may take little longer incase if the design phase takes time due to your slow review/response. Also if you are implementing more custom features that may take a little more time as well. The timeframe will be discussed and delivery time will be committed before the project starts.

What are custom features you can implement in Citrix StoreFront Interface?

The standard features that most companies require are Announcements, Web Links, Documents, Downloads, Active Directory Info, Client Info, Twitter, RSS, Forgot Password, Forgot Username, Password Reset by Admin and few more. However we are ready to hear your specific requirements and convert them as features for you.

I already have a Customized Citrix StoreFront Receiver website. I want to add your custom features, is it possible?

Yes, we can add our custom features into your existing Citrix StoreFront interface either it has a default look or customized look. Our cost differs based on your customized design which will be discussed and estimated then.

Our Custom Citrix StoreFront Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.

Free Installation Support

We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.

90 days bug fix Warranty

After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.

You might be interested to talk with us regarding your Citrix NetScaler environment and/or get a quote to customize your Citrix NetScaler Gateway Interface, If so click here to get started.

Our Custom Citrix StoreFront Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.

Free Installation Support

We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.

90 days bug fix Warranty

After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.

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