Parallels RAS Customization

  • Custom Interface Solutions with Parallels RAS Portal and HTML5 Gateway

    Parallels knows as a global leader in cross-platform solutions provide various solution over the software needs also provides Remote Publishing solutions after acquiring Parallels Remote Application Server. Yes, the Parallels Remote Application Server is no replaced with Parallels Remote Application Server. Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a comprehensive virtual application and desktop delivery solution that allows your employees to access and use applications and data from any device. Parallels RAS is easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, which also supports both Microsoft RDS and major hypervisors. Parallels RAS is comparatively cheaper solution as well. Parallels Remote Application Server offers 2 web based interfaces called Parallels RAS Web Portal and Parallels RAS HTML5 gateway. We customize and offer our custom features for both these interfaces.

    Custom Parallels RAS Web Portal

    Custom Parallels Web Portal Designs

    Parallels RAS Web Portal (Formerly Parallels Web Portal) is the browser based web portal which enables users to access the published applications using the browser. Dart Innovations can offer custom interface solution over the Parallels RAS web portals. We have deep insight with Parallels Remote Application server’s web portal framework hence we can provide you any level of interface customization not only the designs but some custom features as well. We can apply your company branding on each screens of Parallels Web Portal. There are various custom features we offer that can enhance your user experience such as Announcements, Web links, Email integration, Forgot Password, Downloads, Documents and more.

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    Custom Parallels RAS HTML5 Gateway

    Custom Branded RAS HTML5 Gateway Interface

    The addition of HTML5 browser capability to Parallels RAS has made it stronger and more flexible. Using an HTML5 browser, you can access Parallels RAS products from anywhere, anytime. No additional plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight is required, and the client device requires zero setup. Moreover, Parallels RAS HTML5 browser gateway provides cross-functionality and cross-browser capability, so that you can access remote apps using iOS, Android or Windows devices. The Parallels HTML5 Gateway is an add-on web interface that comes with Parallels Remote Application Server, you just need to enable it. As like Parallels RAS Portal we can also offer full customization over the Parallels HTML5 Gateway. We can customize the layout, colors, logo and all other as for as the interface is concern. Our deep insight with the HTML5 technology and Parallels RAS architecture can help you personalize your Parallels HTML5 Gateway interface. We can also offer all our custom features such as Announcements, Web links, Weather widget, OWA integration and more with our advanced customization package.

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    Custom Parallels RAS Web Portal and HTML5 gateway

    If you like to brand both your Parallels RAS Web Portal and HTML5 gateway then choose this package. It just a bundled package which most clients like to choose.

    Don’t’ see a Parallels Product listed above? Don’t hesitate to ask us. The list above is just what our popular Parallels packages but we are not limited to it. We are always willing to hear about new things. Our CIS goal is ‘Customize Any App and Any Interface’.

    With all above custom interface products we just not experts on the HTML side or design side where we have great exposures on their SDKs, APIs and Web services (Whatever is available to communicate with their core App) too. This experience let’s us do any level of integration and provide you custom solutions not only on the interface designs but on the new features as well.

    Our Custom Interface Package includes of

    An Installation guide
    Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.
    Free Installation Support
    Don’t worry if you have a problem during install or you would just like us to install, our Free Remote Installation Support is for you. We can schedule the remote meeting sessions based on your convenience.
    90 days bug fix Warranty
    After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.