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Useful custom features that can be added with your Custom Web Interfaces

These are some useful features you can keep in mind when you brand your Citrix Storefront or Citrix Web interface or RD Web Access interface. There are so many features you can think based on your organization needs however these are 10 generic and useful features you can think of. Dart Innovations can help you add these value added features and enhance your user experience with your custom branded interfaces.


The announcements module can be implemented in both log-in and after log-in pages. Our custom IAdmin module gives you ability to post your announcements with an easy to use interface. You can post your announcements in your preferred order and with custom dates. Our HTML editor on the IAdmin post announcement page will give you ability to format your content like font, styles, color, hyperlinks and lot more. This editor helps you present your content in your own customized way. The announcement module is very useful when you want to convey some important messages such as an event, your awards, your new moves/migrations, new policies, upcoming holidays, maintenance schedules and lot more.


We can say it as bookmark utility or index of useful resources. Our custom IAdmin interface provides ability to post links with icons, hyperlinks and titles for it. We can add more custom fields based on your interests such as descriptions or notes or anything you need. This links module is generally useful when you want to index your company’s web resources for easy reference. For example your organization uses different web tools such as CRM, accounts package, time sheet management, learning resources, document system etc which you can list inside the Citrix Web Interface as a widget format. This links module provide click and go benefit for your users/staffs to their daily tools, search utilities or libraries.

Favorites Tab:

This feature let’s your users to book mark their applications into a separate Tab called favorites, that is more like the browser’s book marking utility. IAdmin module let’s the admin to display default favorites in group based manner. User can add/remove/delete their own favorites and list them in their preferred order. This feature is more useful when a user likes to group his frequently using applications in a separate Tab for quick reference.


Documents is a utility that provides you ability to post useful documents for your users. Administrator can post the documents on AD group based from our custom interface manager (IAdmin). You can post documents with an icon, title, description and version number. In addition we can provide any custom fields based on your interests. Admin can add/edit/delete and sort the documents order at any time. This useful feature let’s you share your documents like training materials, user guides, reports, company handbooks or other manuals among your users in a group based manner.


Let’s say you want to provide a centralized place to distribute your corporate tools, utilities, software patches or desktop clients, our downloads module let’s you do this within your custom Citrix or RD Web interfaces. You can upload any format of applications, executable files, compressed zip files or any other formats from the IAdmin module and distribute them to your uses in a group based manner. Same like documents you can upload your files with Title, description, version number and notes.


Alerts is a similar kind of utility like announcements but forces the user to read it at least once. It pops up after log-in hence the user must read and mark as read, until it keeps popping up each time the user logs in. Alerts can be posted from IAdmin. As like other utilities interface manager has options to add/edit/delete an alert. This feature is useful when a company wants to notify their new policies and force the users to agree/disagree. It is also useful when you want to force your staffs or a group of users to notify about some maintenance schedules or force them to finish up some tasks urgently.

Active Directory Integration:

We can add a little block of information in your custom interface which will have Active directory information about the logged in user. Last logged in time, Email id, Phone, Title, Department and Company are some useful information to display on the page.

Client Information Module:

Same like AD info module it is another tiny utility. It displays the client name, client IP, ICA client version and web interface server name. The custom block can be added anywhere in the interface like even on the footer bar.

Integration of Social Widgets:

Integrate your facebook wall or twitter timeline feeds into the interface. Admin can configure the facebook account or twitter account from the Interface Manger. RSS feeds can also be integrated in the same way.

OWA Integration:

Email integration is another feature in which we integrate your exchange server OWA interface. We do SSO with your outlook web app URL using the logged in AD user credentials. We can open your outlook web app interface in a separate tab or in a separate browser page or in a light box within the interface.
Apart from the above features there are still more features such as Videos Tab, Integrated Inbox widget (gmail, yahoo etc), calendar, world clocks, weather, blog posts and lot more. These features in general can be integrated with your custom Citrix Storefront, Citrix Web Interface and with MS Remote Desktop Web Access Interfaces.

Forgot Password:

The Forgot Password is a utility that helps your users to reset and recover their password without contacting the administrator. It works in the similar fashion of how most Forgot Password reset flow works. User has to input their proper username and the email configured in the Active Directory, if things right then this module sends them a randomly generated and short session reset password link by email. User could reset their password using the link and proceed further. We can also make it validate the user’s phone number on AD instead of Email based on your preference. The module can be enhanced the way you need.

Forgot Username:

This Wow!! Feature helps user to recover their user name itself. For example if you are including this module in RD Web or Citrix storefront, the user who forgot their AD username can just reset using this module. The user must enter their correct email stored on the Active Directory on the Forgot Username screen. We can make it validate against their mobile number on the AD as well. As like the Forgot Password the user gets an email with their username and a link to reset their password. This utility can also save time of administrators dealing with users/staffs on such small cases.

Password Reset by Admin (IAdmin Module):

This module comes on IAdmin interface which is helpful for your administrator to reset your users password without logging into your Active Directory management. This module also allows you to send the new password by email to the user. However it is optional that you can opt-in or opt-out the email feature based on your needs. The module validates against your password policy and lets you reset users’ password without logging into your Active Directory system.

Create Users (IAdmin Module):

This is one of the cool features that allows you to create and edit your Active Directory users. You can create users and point them into a specific OU (Organizational Unit). You input all information related to that user such as department, phone number, email etc. The module sends them an email with the username and a randomly generated password. You can of course input your own password instead of random password based on your preference. This utility also reduces your time and unnecessary login to the Active Directory system.

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