VMware Horizon Customization

  • Customizing VMware Horizon View and HTML Access Interfaces

    From Horizon 6, VMware View becomes Horizon View. VMware Horizon view is a single page client detection website with link to HTML access gateway page. VMware Horizon is a most popular VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that allows IT to deliver virtual or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform. VMware Horizon 7 the latest release is a revolutionary product that has huge improvements than the Horizon 6 versions.

    VMware still keeps the View page (previously VMware View Portal) which is a single page website that allows downloading VMware’s desktop/device clients as well link to the HTML Access logon page. Horizon HTML Access is a web based interface that provides user complete access to the Desktops and Applications delivered from VMware VDI. VMware horizon HTML Access interface is a purely web based interface which allows users to access the hosted Desktops and Applications with zero client requirement, which means just the latest browser is enough.

    Dart Innovations can help you customize your default VMware horizon interface to match your web identity or entirely new design based on your preference. It just about the interface that can make you personalize the VDI web environment and help your users feel best. We can offer full branding over the VMware view page, HTML Access login page and HTML Access after logon pages. We not only can customize the design and look where we can also add our interesting features/utilities such as Announcements, Links, Twitter and more that can even enhance your interface better.

    Watch out our live VMware Horizon View 7.13 Custom interface demo to observe more on what we can do for you.

    These are some interesting features/utilities we can add to your Custom VMware horizon interfaces


    This feature lets you post all your important messages, news and announcements on your Custom VMware Horizon login page as well on Horizon View page. You can manage these short messages from the IAdmin backend using options like post, edit, delete, activate and deactivate.

    Web Links

    This utility allows you to present your important links, resources on your Custom VMware Horizon login and View pages. The IAdmin interface allows you to post, edit, delete, activate and deactivate the links. This can be called as company links, web links, bookmarks or useful resources.

    Forgot Password

    This option is placed on the Custom VMware horizon login page which helps user to reset password and recover their password by self when they have forgot their original password. It works in the similar fashion of how most Forgot Password reset flow works in web.

    Forgot Username

    Similar to Forgot Password this option helps to recover the username itself for users who forgot their username of Citrix NetScaler /Active directory. This can be validated against their AD email address or phone number. User receives their username in email on completion of successful validation.

    Password Reset - Admin

    This is an IAdmin backend module which allows administrator to reset a user password and send the new password via email. The module clearly validates against your AD password policy and allows you reset the password of a user in a single step. The feature saves lot time by avoiding the need of logging into Active Directory system.

    Create Active Directory users - Admin

    This is an IAdmin module that lets your administrators to create your active directory users from the web interface itself. You can create users with all user information such as company, email, title, phone and others. You can assign them to specific OU and groups as well. Once created user will be receiving an email with username and randomly generated password

    Social widgets integration

    You can integrate your Twitter feed or Facebook widget into your Custom VMware Horizon login and View pages. The widget settings can be managed via IAdmin backend

    RSS widget

    The tiny widget allows you to show a RSS news feed on your Custom VMware Horizon login and View pages. The RSS feed URL can be simply managed from the IAdmin backend module.

    Other Widgets

    These are some widgets we can integrate on your login and/or after login pages of your Custom VMware Horizon login and View pages. These are just few widgets as example but you can come up with your own options to make your custom RD Web interface richer look.

    IAdmin (Interface Admin Management Module)

    IAdmin is a free module ships with your custom interface package which runs as a separate website. It helps you to manage all your custom features. Example, you can add, edit, delete and sort your announcements or web links using this module. The features like Password Reset By Admin, Create AD Users are IAdmin specific modules. You can also manage email templates that sent during the password reset or user creation from the IAdmin mdoule. We can also add any additional CMS modules such as Manage logos, Manage Promo Banners, or Manage Branding Elements (that let’s you manage your custom logo, background image) or anything you need upon your specific request. The IAdmin has an option called Web Encrypt/Decrypt which provides additional security by allowing you to encrypt your SQL/LDAP connection strings in your web config file.

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    Our Custom VMware Horizon Interface Package includes of

    CLI based Installer
    The one click installer which by clicking will install the Custom Interface. There is no GUI for this and no additional configurations required.
    An Installation guide
    Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.
    Free Installation Support
    We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.
    90 days bug fix Warranty
    After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.