FAQ – TSplus Remote Access

Your Custom TSplus Remote Access Web Interfaces are responsive by default? What is responsive layout here?

Yes, as always our custom interfaces are responsive to all devices and browsers. Which means the users with small screens like mobile/tablet will get better user experience with our custom interface than the default TSplus Remote Access Web interface.

How long a TSplus Remote Access customization takes?

1 week in general. 2 days for design and 3 days of development is actually what we require. However it may take little longer incase if the design phase takes time due to your slow review/response. Also if you are implementing more custom features that may take a little more time as well. The timeframe will be discussed and delivery time will be committed before the project starts.

I already have a Customized TSplus Remote Access, I want to add your custom features, is it possible?

Yes, we can add our custom features into your existing custom TSplus Remote Access Web interface either it has a default look or customized look. Our cost differs based on your customized design which will be discussed and estimated before start.

Do I need SQL in my environment to install your custom interface?

No, if you are only customizing the look and feel (Branding only package). If you are willing add our custom features then we recommend going for SQL. You may have a simple SQL Express edition which is good enough. However we have XML based solution which we can offer for the customers those who not like to go for SQL, but you are requested to discuss that earlier before the development starts.

Do you provide support for installing your custom TSplus Remote Access interface?

Yes, our Remote Install Assistance applies to all interface customers at free of cost. We can support you from remote using web based remote programs.

Do we need to share our network/system secure credentials for Remote Install Assistance?

Usually No. We never ask your credentials unless in specific/critical situation. However in such a situation you can create some temporary passwords for us to use for installation purpose. Generally we ask you to login to the systems (IW: SQL Database) and then we proceed our work while you monitoring everything.

Do you provide customization on TSplus Remote Access to our specific needs?

Yes, we love to hear your needs and take the new challenges. We analyze your needs and discuss the possibilities. If your need is something realistic then we are sure we can offer you that customization. The cost estimation will be provided for your approval which is purely depends on the hours of work we estimate to consume.

Can we install your Custom Branded Interface in multiple servers/instances/websites?

Yes, it is yours. You only pay us for one interface and it is your own choice to install in any number of servers/instances/websites.

Is the customization specific to the version?

Yes, always our customization solution is specific to the version. If you are upgrading you need to upgrade the customization as well which may cost a little than the original one. However in some cases the custom interface may work without any upgrade/modification. We will prioritize the support during upgrades so you don’t face any delays in such cases.

Do you offer any bug fix warranty for your Custom TSplus Remote Access interface?

Yes, 90 days of bug fix warranty will be offered with our Custom TSplus Remote Access interface package.

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