AD Web – Active Directory Management

Web Based Active Directory User Management Tool

Active Directory Web is a web based AD management tool that let’s your administrator manage all Active Directory tasks such as User creation, Password Reset, Unlock users and more using a Web based interface. The web application let you reduce the need of opening your AD/Domain controller servers and thus prevent your network from accidental shutdown, interruption or any wrong configurations.

Active Directory Web (AD Web) is not just to help your administrator where it can also help your users to manage their password, profile, Forgotten Password Reset and more. The below are the generic features that AD Web includes but not limited. We can customize and add more features per your custom requirement.

Features of AD Web

Manage Users

The Manage Users module let you create/edit and disable users in Active Directory. You can select Organizational Units from Drop Down and manage users of particular OU. You can also create users under the OUs of your preference. Multiple users can be created at one time well. Any custom rules for creating SAMAccountName or UPN Name can be done. For example, we can prefix a value from description from the associated OU to SAMAccountName during creation (Ex: 101_user1).

Manage Multiple AD Domains

Manage unlimited Active Directory Domains at one interface. As a super admin you can also create domain admins specific to each AD domain and can also create OU Admin that can manage the users of that particular OU. These features will allow you to host your customer users and allow your customer admins to manage their company users themselves.

Explorer View

The Explorer Tree View lets you have a clear look of your multiple domains and OUs belong to them that is just similar to how Active Directory management console looks. In addition, the right panel separates the Users, Groups and OUs in Tabbed interface which gives you more clear view of the objects inside each OU.

Password Reset by Admin

Admin can select user(s) and reset Password. A password reset link will be sent to users which by clicking they can set new password on their own. It can be customized to send a new random password in email itself.

Unlock Users

The users with locked status will be displayed on Grid where admin can unlock them by simply clicking a button. An email can also be sent to user intimating their status upon unlocking.


The search box makes admin to find users easily by searching through their names or email ids. We can customize to add more fields (ex: designation or mobile number) into the search functionality.

Super Admin and Company Admins

If you are in multi-tenancy and want to give access to your client admins you can do so. Each user belongs to a particular group (Company Admin) will gain access to manage the users belong to his Organizational Unit. In the meantime the Super Admin group can access all users and all OU. These access rules can be customized or enhanced.

Forgot Password by User

This module specific to users. You can link to this module from anywhere (Ex: in your RD web login page). User lands to this link and validates his credential using his email id and username. If both are correct according to AD then he will be sent an email with a link for resetting his password. The link will expire in set (ex: 60) minutes, also the link can be used only once.  User can use the link to reset his password without need of the old password. He will then sent an email confirming his password reset.

Edit Profile

It is alike a self-service portal where user can login and edit his Active Directory profile as well do a Password Reset. User can also use Forgot Password feature to recover his password. This setting can be enabled/disabled by admin

Email Templates

Set your email delivery via SMTP, Xauth using Office 365 or Google Oauth as you wish. You can also customize all email templates including new user creation, forgot password reset, User unlocked email etc. This will be a HTML editor with short code features so you can flexibly make it as you wish.

Our Active Directory Web Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you install Active Director Web quickly.

Installation Support

We provide installation support using Remote Programs including basic guidance to use the product.

Lifetime Support

Once purchased you are subscribed to our lifetime support so you will receive all updates and patches all time.

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