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How to demote and Remove AD DS Role in windows server

Removing an Active Directory Domain Services may need a step to demote the domain controller. Here is how you can safely demote and remove the AD DS role from a windows server. This applies from Windows Server 2012 till the latest.

  1. Go to Server Manager.
  2. Click on Tools >> Remove Roles and Features.
  3. Select ADDS role and Click Next. Click on the Remove Features in the next screen to confirm it.
  1. Now you will passed into validation check and if it is a domain controller then you need to demote it.
  2. Click on Demote this domain controller option from the window.
  1. In the next screen check Force Removal and click next.
  1. Again check “Proceed with Removal” and confirm by clicking Next.
  2. Your domain controller will be demoted and you will be asked for a new password. Remember it.
  3. The server will restarted where you have to login with the system password.
  4. Once restart is done then you have to perform the ADDS removal steps again from the server manager.
  5. This time it will pass validation and your ADDS role will be removed smoothly.
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