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Microsoft a pioneer in software productsalso plays vital role in Virtualization and Remote publishing industry. Their popular product Remote Desktop Services ships default with their Windows server operating systems. The MS Remote Desktop Services has 2 Web Interfaces called RD Web Access and RD Web Client. Another popular product is, Exchange server which provides business email system that work from your own server. Exchange server also comes with a web interface called Outlook Web App which is basically a web mail interface. Apart from these 2 there is another popular product called MS Active Directory Federation Services which offers an interface for Single Sign-on. At Dart Innovations we offer full-fledged customization over all these web interfaces. These are our popular custom packages with Microsoft interfaces.We are just not limited to these products but these are most popular custom interface packages we deliver at least once in a week.

Custom Remote Desktop Web Access Interface
Custom Remote Desktop Web Client Interface
Custom Remote Desktop Web Access and Web Client Interfaces
Custom Outlook Web App branding
Custom MS ADFS Logon pages
Custom Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access Interface
MS RD Web Access Customization –

Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) was originally named Terminal Server Web Access and renamed to RD Web Access from 2008 versions. We at Dart Innovations having experience from the TS Web Access version can help you brand your Remote Desktop Web Access interface to a more appealing one. We design and brand your Remote Desktop Web Access on each corner of it, so the interface is just all yours. We not only help you personalize your interface with the design where we can offer Custom features which can enhance the user experience as well. Your staffs/students/clients must love it. Our advanced customization solution can help you bring in some useful features such as announcements, links, OWA integration, Twitter integration and more which are listed below.

Custom MS Remote Desktop Services Web Client Interface
MS RDS Web Client Customization –

The RDS Web Client is an add-on Web Interface for the Remote Desktop Services role that has been shipped with Windows Server. The Remote Desktop Web Client is a browser based interface which adds ability to access your Apps and Desktops with zero clients using the latest HTML5 framework. The Web Client is available from Windows 2016 as built-in module however we need to enable and publish it.We at Dart Innovations offer same branding and customization service for the Web Client that we already offer with RD Web Access interface. We can also implement all our custom features or the new feature you need at Remote Desktop Web Client interface.

Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App themes
MS Outlook Web App Custom themes –

Outlook Web App (formerly known as Outlook Web Access) is a great way to access your Office 365 for business or other Exchange-based email account using a web browser. Microsoft provides Outlook Web App as part of Exchange Server installation. Although the default installation provides some theme option for after login pages it is imperative for most corporates to have their brand identity on the logon page. We do customize both logon and after logon pages to personalize the interface as yours. As a company that works with earlier OWA versions we have a great understanding over the OWA architecture and we do best on adding the functional features to. We also can also provide SSO solutions from RD Web Access, Citrix StoreFront or others to your OWA interface.

Custom Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services Customization
MS ADFS Logon page custom theme –

MS ADFS logon page customization – Custom Branded ADFS logon pages
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is a greater software implementation by Microsoft which works in conjunction with Microsoft Active Directory. The ADFS comes as on built-in feature with Windows server which can be enabled as a role service. AD Federation services is greatly used for its SSO feature by many companies around the windows network. Active Directory Federation Services aims to reduce the complexity around password management and guest account provisioning, and it has taken on additional importance as organizations and employees rely more on software as a service (SaaS) and web applications.

“Don’t see a product on the list that you are looking for?” Don’t hesitate to ask us. The list above is just what our regular Microsoft packages but we are not limited to it. We are always willing to hear about new things. Our CIS goal is ‘Customize Any App and Any Interface’.

With all above custom interface products we just not experts on the HTML side or design side where we have great exposures on their SDKs, APIs and Web services (Whatever is available to communicate with their core App) too. This experience let’s us do any level of integration and provide you custom solutions not only on the interface designs but on the new features as well.

Our Custom Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.

Free Installation Support

Don’t worry if you have a problem during install or you would just like us to install, our Free Remote Installation Support is for you. We can schedule the remote meeting sessions based on your convenience.

90 days bug fix Warranty

After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.

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