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Custom branding for Atria Web Portal

Atira (formerly Citrix CloudPortal) is generally ideal for managing high-value web and data (cloud) hosting.  Atria is a new face for CPSM that enables your IT business to run efficiently; automate repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and accelerate the delivery of service. Atria (CPSM) is the easy-to-use web portal that helps cloud providers manage the delivery of services and offerings to their customers. It makes cloud offerings easy from provisioning to billing with minor effort and investment. It gives businesses a lot of control and transforms cloud infrastructures into profitable cloud businesses with a comprehensive platform to manage business operations, support services, customers and cloud offerings. Integration with Atria offers an additional out-of-the box billing, pricing and services catalogue solution for an even more complete cloud solution.Atria has new reporting features that are even better than the older CPSM.

Dart Innovations can offer customization over the Atria Branding templates to reflect your company as well as your customers’ brands. We can offer extensive CSS based customization to bring your ideas and brand identity to live. Dart Innovations offers custom interface templates for both Customer Branding and URL Branding. You can apply your managed customer’s branding on their individual portal.

Custom Automate101 Atria Login page
Custom Automate101 Atria After Login page

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Integration and Custom Development Service

We have in depth knowledge with Atria’s Cortex API which let us deliver various solutions over integration and Custom Development for Atria platform. We can integrate your Atria platform to provision based on your Ecommerce portal or other Provisioning platforms. For example if you want to integrate your Atria from a Custom web Application or Magento or WooCommerce type of portals, we can very well build a custom plugin for that. We also have extensive experience integrating with Interworks type of Cloud automation platforms. We can build various custom connectors for Atria using any language (such as .net, php or python) that supports SOAP and REST API calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What customization you provide on Automate101 Atria?

Dart Innovations can offer extensive CSS based customization to bring your ideas and brand identity to live. We offer custom interface templates for both Customer Branding and URL branding.

Do you offer Advanced Customizations for Automate101 Atria Templates?

No, implementing Custom Features on Automate101 Atria is generally not possible as we only have control over the CSS. However we can offer full customization in terms of design and branding.

Do you provide integration or custom development service using Atria API?

Yes, we can make any type of integration and development using Atria Cortex API or REST API. We already have extensive experience with provisioning Atria from Custom .Net Web Portal, Integration from Magento, WooCommerce type ecommerce portal as well Interworks type platforms. So we can do anything with Atria using their great full API.

Do you offer ongoing support? Is there any maintenance fee for that?

There is no specific support program need for custom interfaces. Hence there is no ongoing maintenance fee. However we are always available to provide our support based on customer requests. The support charges are based on your requirement. It is estimated based on the hours of work and calculated with our fixed hourly rate.

How long an Atria template customization takes?

We need 5 working days in general. 2 days for design and upon design approval it takes 2-3 days to complete the customization.

Our Custom Atria Branding Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.

Free Installation Support

Don’t worry if you have a problem during install or you would just like us to install, our Free Remote Installation Support is for you. We can schedule the remote meeting sessions based on your convenience.

90 days bug fix Warranty

After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.

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