ADFS 5.0 login page

Active Directory Federation Services login page customization demo

The Custom ADFS 5.0 login page demo is to show you how good we can transform your default ADFS 5.0 login page on Windows 2019 server to more personalized one. We can transform your Active Directory Federation Services logon pages to very cool custom design matching your logo and other web identity. We can customize the colors, layout, logo, background and all other interface elements without touching the core functionality of Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services. We can also add additional text, links and footer/header blocks to the ADFS logon page interface. The custom ADFS 5.0 logon page demo is done using the CSS and PowerShell commands as that is the standard customization way provided with ADFS interface architecture. This is just a demo but we can do even more with your custom requirements.

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