Frequently asked questions about AD Web Theme

Do you have a Free Trial or Live Demo to explore the features?

We don’t offer Free Trial but you can look on our full featured Live Demo and explore all possibilities.
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How easier the installation and getting run?

It is very easier. The package ships with an installation guide which let you do it in few minutes if you follow the steps closely mentioned on it.

What is the hardware/software requirement to run this application?

A minimal hardware is fine. You need to have IIS with .net core run time and SQL/SQL Express to run this application.

How many instances/servers I can install AD Web?

You are free to install to any number of instances within your organization. However you are not authorized to distribute or sell in any form.

Is Group Policy Management available within the AD Web interface?

No, AD Web portal is only to manage AD Users, Groups and OUs. It revolves all around the user management along with Groups and OUs.

Can I create UPN with domain suffix?

Yes, you can even use the generic email ids such @gmail.com etc as your UPN. You don’t need to do any additional steps for it.

How does the Forgot Password feature works?

The user will receive any email with a reset password link which he can use to reset the new password. You can use UPN as email or the real email field of the AD. It is configurable within AD Web interface.

How does it is useful for General Users?

The normal users can use it to see their profile, edit their profile or reset his password. He will be displayed with some useful information such as Last Logged in, Password Expiring days etc.

What is OU Admin and how does it works?

You can make an admin group called Company Admin and map one or 2 users in each OU into that group. If you map this group as OU Admin then those users can manage other users resides on that OU. It is useful when you want your clients to manage their users or when you want set an admin user for each department, or branches within that department itself.

What is Portal Admin and how does it works?

Portal admin is a role who can manage that particular domain. He has right to manage all features on that particular Active Directory domain. It is useful when you manage multiple Active Directory domains within AD Web.

Do AD Web Email Templates are customizable?

Yes, all email templates are customizable from AD Web Admin interface. You also have short code options for example place {Sam-Name} or {Display-Name} or {UPN} in the welcome header of the email.

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