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    The New Citrix StoreFront 3.0 Receiver Web Interface Demo is live now

    It was little waiting for the StoreFront 3.0 Receiver web interface to be launched which was finally done by 30th June 15. So it is time for us to launch our Custom Interface Demo as well. As we have been keep studying from tech preview releases and the receiver X1 (SF 2.7) beta versions it is quite easy for us to get ready the StoreFront 3.0 demo as quick. The Citrix StoreFront 3.0 has many added advantages like HTML5 support, Favorites, Grouping, Featured App Groups and lot more. Watch out our StoreFront 3.0 Custom Interface demo to experience the new look of StoreFront 3.0 as well as to observe our Customization capabilities.

    Open Demo

    Click Here >> to read more about Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web customization.