FAQ – VMware Workspace ONE

What are VMware Workspace Versions you customize?

We can customize VMware Workspace Portal as well the newest version VMware Workspace ONE. We also can customize previous as well any new versions to be released.

Can you also customize the admin portal of VMware Workspace ONE?

Yes, it is optional but if you prefer we can customize the admin portal of VMware Workspace ONE.

What are custom features you can implement with VMware Workspace ONE?

The standard features that most companies require are Forgot Password, Forgot Username, Announcements, Web Links, OWA Integrations, Documents, Downloads, Active Directory Info, Client Info, Twitter, RSS, Password Reset by Admin, Create AD Users and few more. However we are ready to hear your specific requirements and convert them as features for you.

I already have a Customized VMware Workspace ONE web interface. I want to add your custom features, is it possible?

Yes, we can add our custom features into your existing VMware Workspace ONE web portal either it has a default look or customized look. Our cost differs based on your customized design and features you need which will be discussed and estimated then.

Do you provide customization to our specific needs?

Yes, we love to hear your needs and see the new challenges. We analyze your needs and discuss the possibilities. If your need is something realistic then we are sure we can offer you that customization. The cost estimation will be provided for your approval which is purely depends on the hours of work we estimate to consume.

Your Custom VMware Workspace ONE portals are version specific?

Yes, our custom VMware Workspace ONE portals Interfaces are version specific.

Can the Custom VMware Workspace ONE interface be installed on multiple servers?

Our Custom VMware Workspace ONE Interfaces can be installed on unlimited Workspace instances/sites. The custom package is yours so you are free to use with any number of servers.

Do you offer any bug fix warranty for your Custom VMware Workspace ONE portals?

Yes, 90 days of bug fix warranty will be offered with our Custom Worksapce Interfaces.

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