FAQ – IAdmin

What is IAdmin?

It is Interface Admin management we call shortly as IAdmin. This is a management interface which is a kind of simple CMS that helps you manage your custom features such as Announcements, Links etc.

Is this cost separately?

No, this is a free add-on we bundle with all your Custom Interface packages if you have at least one custom feature in your project. There is no separate cost for it.

Is IAdmin accessible to all users?

No, you will set an AD group(s) during initial configuration on the web config and that is the only AD group(s) can access IAdmin interface.

Can we post things on AD group based or AD OU based?

Yes, we can provide option to do that. For example if you want to post one announcement to some particular groups or OU you can do that.

Can we assign screen based access in IAdmin?

Yes, we can provide option to do that. For example if you want to allow a group to manage Announcements and another group to manage password reset then it is possible to do.

Will IAdmin interface also branded?

Yes, the IAdmin interface will also reflect your brand. We design it similar to your base package for example Custom Citrix StoreFront.

What is Web Protect in your IAdmin module?

The Web Protect is a tiny utility that comes with all our IAdmin interfaces. It helps you encrypt your connection strings (SQL, AD) in your web.config file. You basically click encrypt after your entire configuration is done. And then in future when you need change something in your connection string you need to login to IAdmin portal and click Decrypt first. Then change your connection strings and click protect again.

What are general functions available in IAdmin?

Add, Edit, Delete, Activate/Deactivate and ordering are the general functions. For example you manage you can post your announcements, edit, delete and order the list. These are general actions which apply to links, documents and all other features.

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