Patch to update Citrix StoreFront 2.5 Website interface as responsive website

We all know that Citrix receiver client and StoreFront Receiver websites serve well on the devices. Unlike Web Interface version StoreFront doesn’t have separate mobile site where StoreFront Receiver website is one interface to all devices. However the default StoreFront website doesn’t have a responsive look in small screens. It has a bit harder look on mobile screens which makes user experience pretty tougher.

As an interface customization expert we offer all our custom branded Citrix StoreFront interfaces as responsive by default. While we do that we have been thinking a while to spare some time to fix the default interface and produce the patch to Citrix community. This is time we have made it.

Download below zip file and follow the instructions to update this patch. It is very simple as you need to replace only 2 files.

Instructions to update:

  1. Download the zip and extract in your local directory.
  2. Open Citrix/StoreWeb directory.
  3. Copy default.htm file.
  4. Now go to your Citrix StoreFront Website directory. (Usually it is under c:/inetpub/wwwroot/Citrix /StoreWeb/)
  5. Replace default.htm file from the patch. (To be safer you can backup the existing default.htm or just rename as default.html_copy before replacing it.)
  6. The same way copy from CSS folder and replace the existing one.

That’s it !!

If your update went well then your StoreFront website interface should have been turned as responsive one. You can verify it by looking your mobile or by resizing your browser window to smaller. It should have a tablet specific, mobile specific and PC specific look. Refer the screen shots below.

Default Screens Looks

Responsive Screens Looks after the patch

Highlights of this update:

Login screen changes the layout responsively and produces bigger size form which makes users to fill up user name, password and submit the form easily.
By default the pull-in menu expands the second level which goes out of the screen in mobile. It is fixed so the pull-in menu shows the branches inside it’s panel itself.
Search box goes to 2nd row and expands to full screen width which makes user to fill and submit easily.
Applications are listed in 2 columns so more applications will be presented on screen.

Enjoy the look !!

Any questions can be asked at

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