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  • Citrix StoreFront 3.5 interface demo has been launched today

    The new Citrix StoreFront 3.5 Receiver Web interface demo has been launched today. It is not the same design we port from StoreFront 3.0 where this is entirely new design. Citrix has just launched it’s StoreFront 3.5 version where we are always quick to showcase it on our demos page. There is no much difference on the look and feel from the 3.0 interface however there are many advantages on the administrative console as well on other features. Although there are good amount of works moving custom interface from StoreFront 3.0 to StoreFront 3.5 we have decided to charge a small for our existing customers who wants to upgrade their custom interface to 3.5.

    Enjoy the look of our New Custom StoreFront 3.5 receiver web interface.

    Open Demo

    Click Here >> to read more about Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web customization.