Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal Customization Demo

The CPSM (Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager) branding demo is to demonstrate how we can transform your default Citrix CloudPortal login as well portal pages to customized one that specific to your web identity or your organization’s brand identity. We can customize the colors, logo, background and other elements within the core rule of CloudPortal branding interface. We can’t add any custom features to CPSM branding as we can only play with CSS based customization. The CPSM branding package we provide can be applied to URL branding as well as customer branding within the CPSM branding feature. That means you can brand your company portal as well as put specific branding to all your customers.

You may not explore the full functionality of Forgot Password, Forgot Username and few others with the demo user due to the restriction we have set. However you can request for a full featured personalized demo by leaving your request here >>.

Would like to read more about Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Customization? Click Here >>

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