About Themes

Built-Ready themes for MS RDS and ADFS quick customization

Our theme store provides variety of Built-Ready themes that can be quickly installed and changed with your brand identities such as logo, footer text etc. However these are quick themes and not let you go for full branding which you can get from our premium custom interface solutions. So these are scenarios you can think of opting these themes and rest please read our premium branding solutions and Get an exclusive Quote for your requirement.

You are with tight budget.
You are not looking for full branding where just want to odd out the default RD Web or ADFS interface and get a cool look.
You want to get your RD Web or ADFS interface branded very quickly (within minutes)).
Like to trial with a different look first then go for exclusive customization and/or custom features at later stage

So basically these themes are quick and built-ready themes that allow you to go with minimal customization but obviously very quicker.

We are committed to keep updating all our themes to the new version even before you start using it. So whenever a new version is launched our themes will also be getting ready for that. This way you can just keep your existing look as it is when going with newer version (Ex: RD Web 2019 to RD Web 2022).

Our themes are version specific so carefully select the right version of your RD Web Access or ADFS logon theme during purchase.

Our themes are come under quite common and standard theme license terms which you can read here>>

You may have some questions which you can ask as via Contact form or Live chat. However we strongly recommend you to read our FAQ page which may answer your questions in most cases.

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