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  • Citrix StoreFront 3.12 has been released and on our test lab for demo preparation

    In the mid of Aug 2017 the newest Citrix StoreFront 3.12.0 has been released. It has been short interval from the release of StoreFront 3.11. Although there is no much difference between Citrix StoreFront 3.11 and Citrix StoreFront 3.12 when concerning the user interface (StoreFront Receiver Web) it is recommended to upgrade to the newest version always. We are porting our Citrix StoreFront 3.11 demo to Citrix StoreFront 3.12 shortly. However we have already gone through and ready for the custom interface projects on this. Our customers can order for their upgrade or a new custom interface with Citrix StoreFront 3.12.

    Until the new demo you can still watch our Citrix StoreFront 3.11 demo.

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