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  • New Video about Custom Interface Solutions has…

    A new video that explains our pioneer service 'Custom Interface Solutions' has been published on Youtube. It gives an overview of what is Custom Interface Soltuions and how useful this for the customers. It explains how you can transform ... Read More >>

    HTML5 Web Client for Microsoft Remote Desktop services 2016 – Steps to Install RD Web Client

    Finally the long awaiting client less browser based access for MS RD Web Access has been released. It is still a pre-release version and yet to released commercially. Although it is beta it is time to install and test now. MS Remote Desktop Services offer the web based portal called RD Web Access from the beginning. Although the portal provides access by the web browser you still have to connect your desktops/apps by using the desktop client called MSTSC. The many of the remote access tools have already started with their HTML5 web access clients hence it is been a long waiting for RDS users to see the HTML5 client from Microsoft. Finally it is done and it looks awesome.